First and foremost, planning a corner sliding wardrobe or an L-shaped wardrobe is quite easy, but it requires a bit more thought, and some calculations. However we can assist you in doing that, but will be done with a standard sized sliding wardrobe doors which will be a bit complicated. We also recommend that it has a soft close, which will be explained below, even though it can also be accomplished without a soft close.

Getting the sizes of your L-shaped wardrobe door

When planning your corner sliding wardrobe or L-shaped wardrobe, the first thing you have to do is measuring your available space. Mostly you should have a longer and a shorter wall. Most times, a window or a door will be available on the walls, needing an end panel. Take the measurements of the longer distance from one wall to another, or wall to the end panel (if required). Name it dimension X. Take the measurement of the short distance, from one wall to another, or wall to the end panel and name it dimension Y.
A wardrobe depth of about 640mm (which includes a door track of 95mm, and an internal space of 545mm). It could be lesser, even as less as 580mm outside, or more. The end panels are usually 610mm, in case you want to you them. If you won't be needing the end panel (maybe it is going up to a wall), we suggest you make use of our strike plates or wall liners at 18mm in thickness.
Once you have gotten all these measurements, you can then calculate the Opening widths for the short and long runs of your door. You can now make use of our tools for designing to acquire the door cost. You can then put all the opening widths together into the made to measure tools for designing to get the right calculation for the costs of your door.

L-shaped wardrobe plans: Four ideas for various interiors

While working on the interior of your bedroom, the two furniture areas that should have your attention the most is the wardrobe and the bed. While your bed selection largely depends on what you personally want, the wardrobe will need a bit more of thinking. Aside the exact style, you will have to consider the integrated storage units, functionality and dimensions. Searching for the perfect space efficient and functional solution, you should go for the L-shaped wardrobe. As it stands, there will be abundance of storage, abundant of styles and compact size to be considered in this unit. Below are a few L-shaped wardrobe plans that may assist you in getting started:

Contrasting and modern

There are lots of ideas in this group. For instance, you may want to compare between highly glossed elements and genuine wood. The combination of various bright colour is also a stylish recommendation you may have interest in. A few glass being inserted is also a good idea. However, never forget that a mirror door appears impressive always; both in modern and old decoration schemes.

Dignified and Classic

Genuine woods are back with a bang, so it will be easy to locate almost all the 2015 furniture collections you want. In case you are searching for something that is warm, you can get the brownish walnut or he yellowish oak. And if you are going for something a bit lighter, you can look into pine or ash.

For your L-shaped wardrobe recommendations, you might want to go through some online furniture companies. You don't have to go through any form of stress on that and start with us at Custom Slide Ltd. We offer you a wide variety of products to select from, also with some helpful insight on how best you can install these products wherever you want to have them. We also do our best to ensure the prices are affordable. If you want to place order on doors to form a L-shape wardrobe, you can reach us on this telephone number 0203 664 6446 to explain your need as you could have some special requirements for your installation.

What we offer you when you give us a call

When you do give us a call, we make sure your detailed requirements are completely understood and talk with on some other suitable options.

Making use of the measurements, plan and sketch evaluation you give to us, we will help you work out the angled doors you need in optimizing the accessibility of your wardrobe. We will provide you with a technical drawing that will be a part of the instructions that will assist you during the installation period of your sliding angled door. This will also include the measurements that will help you through it.

For some specific kinds of installation, it will show the position in which the internal shelves needed to support the guide track for your sliding angled doors.