Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which regions do you deliver wardrobe doors to and how much does it cost?
We delivery anywhere in the UK mainland at a flat rate of £75.00 FREE regardless of the number of systems ordered. For outside of the UK mainland please contact us for a delivery quotation.
Q. How easy is it to order online?
It's very easy. All we need to know is the height and width that the doors are to cover, two simple measurements, that's all.
Q. That sounds easy but surely we need some sort of frame?
That's right, if you do not have some sort of frame then the doors will touch the skirting board leaving a gap between door frame and wall.
Q. How do you suggest we build a frame?
You can either use a softwood frame (4x1 inch timber? 100 x 25 mm) Available from any DIY store. Lay a strip up each wall and cut a length on the floor between them ( a Plinth) for the track to sit on . Measure between the uprights for the width and from the surface of the plinth to the ceiling. That's all we will then calculate the size to make the doors.
Q. What if I am not going from wall to wall?
If you only have a house wall at one end of the space you intend to use, you will require a side panel. You may be able to obtain these from local suppliers or we can supply matching panels.
Q. Can I lay onto carpet or do I have to take it up?
You can lay onto carpet, onto bare floors, or if you are expecting new carpet in the near future onto existing carpet. Use a plinth in all cases, do not lay track directly onto carpet or bare floors. On carpet it supports the track and on bare floors it provides an edge to lay carpet up to.
Q. Is there any weight on the top track?
No, the top track is an E shape and bears no weight and can be fixed with cavity fixings. All of the weight of the doors is on the floor.
Q. What tools will I need?
You will only need a small degree of DIY talent, a helping hand and a cup of tea! A cordless drill, hacksaw, levels small and large, selection of drill bits, screwdrivers. Fixings (we can supply a mixed bag of fixings if required).
Q. I love the products but I am no "DIYER". Can you put me in touch with someone who can fit it for me?
We have a number of independent installers who may be able to help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Q. Is there any guarantee with the products?
Yes, 5 years on the sliding wardrobe doors running mechanisms and frame work.