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1. Fitting the wall fillets

You can either remove the skirting or butt up to it if required and suitable. Fix your wall fillet and pack it if necessary with the screws and plugs. Then cover your screw heads with the cover caps to suit the finish of your wall fillets. The minimum depth we suggest of the external wardrobe is 600 mm.

2. Fitting the top tracks

Cut your top track 2 mm short of the opening to allow a tolerance and fix with cavity plugs to the ceiling. There is no need to fix to the rafters or fix noggings as the top track is only holding its own weight.

3. Fitting the bottom track

Cut your floor track 2 mm short to allow a tolerance, then we suggest you lift a door in and fix it to the tracks, then "plumb" your door in prior to fixing the bottom track finally using the screws (not provided)

4. Fitting the wardrobe doorss

Lift and tilt the doors and insert the top guides into the rear channel of the top track. Insert the bottom rollers into the rear groove of the bottom track. Be careful not to scratch the bottom track. Repeat with the second/next door using the front channel and groove. For multi door applications, alternate doors on tracks.

5. Adjusting the doors

For vertical adjustment of each door, use a philips screwdriver on the bottom rollers. Once happy with the final adjustments, lock the anti jump device into bottom track